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  • Submitted: Jan 02 2014 02:09 PM
  • Last Updated: Mar 27 2014 08:52 PM
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Previous Versions

  • 26 Feb 2014 Download msftguy's SSH RAMDisk tool rev04b

Download msftguy's SSH RAMDisk tool rev04b

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activation lock bypass hactivate

for bypassing the activation lock on the iPhone 4, full tutorial here: http://iphonecake.co...n-the-iphone-4/ Automatic SSH ramdisk creation and loading
A runnable JAR archive - works on OS X or Windows; needs 32-bit JRE on Windows.
Supported devices - hopefully everything Syringe supports (devices with A4 chips and lower) plus iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 1G.
The tool automatically downloads required files from Apple using @planetbeing's Partial Zip, patches them and sends to the device.
If everything works as it should, the only thing you need is an SSH client.

Made possible thanks to Camilo Rodrigues (@Allpluscomputer)

Including xpwn source code by the iPhone Dev Team and @planetbeing
Including syringe source code by Chronic-Dev and @posixninja
syringe exploits by @pod2g, geohot& @posixninja
pwnage2 exploit by iPhone Dev Team
Special thanks to @iH8sn0w
code.google.com/p/iphone-dataprotection - EMF tools and kernel patches

To see more verbose stuff, run from command line: java -jar ssh_rd_rev04b.jar
Source on github.

more information here, questions, and coments: http://msftguy.blogs...eation-and.html
follow msft.guy on twitter: https://twitter.com/msft_guy

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What's New in Version rev04b (See full changelog)

  • *works on iOS 7.1
  • * [01/15/12] updated to rev02b: colorized log messages; more prominent success message; exception traces; usb_mux starts immediately on app launch, so you can restart the app and reconnect SSH without having to go through DFU again
  • * [01/18/12] rev02c: iPhone 4 CDMA actually works now; iPhone 3G should as well - please leave a comment if it doesn't ..
  • * [01/20/12] rev02d: Should work with iTunes >= 10.0 and Windows XP.
  • * [01/25/12] rev03: Added 'ls' ;). Added an auto-mount script. Added bin paths from /mnt1 to PATH in .profile.
  • * [01/26/12] Added a YouTube video demo
  • * [02/05/12] rev03b: Fixed Snow Leopard compatibility
  • * [03/07/12] rev03c: Using fw 4.2.1 with iPhone 3G (instead of 4.0.1 in earlier builds)
  • * [07/09/12] rev04a: Added device_infos tool from code.google.com/p/iphone-dataprotection - if the user volume is corrupted, you can image it and decrypt with emf_decrypter.py (see Readme). Also, local ipsw files are used if present (for offline use).
  • * [06/29/13] rev04b: Fixed crash when connecting iOS7 devices on OS X and DLL load errors on Windows.

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