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Clutch 2

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Welcome Comrades,
Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday, and all that - time to get back to business.
Introducing Clutch 2
What is Clutch?
If you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years, Clutch is the fastest and most advanced cracking utility for iOS devices.
Why use it?
Clutch has the ability to decrypt encrypted binaries provided by Apple's AppStore - this means you can decrypt a binary and look at it's internals, check it's security, patch something you don't like, or keep a DRM-free version of your purchased content (depending on the laws in your area).
Why are you telling me this?
Clutch 2 has been in the works for the last couple of weeks and it's getting close - we're still in alpha stages so it's not quite ready for a public release however we need you! We are looking for testers on all kinds of iOS devices with a couple of restrictions:


  • Must be on iOS 7 right now, this may change later - and definitely for release.
  • Must be willing to report bugs and feature improvements regularly (You will need a GitHub account for this so make sure you include your username)
  • Must not be an idiot who will release the beta binaries into the public or release beta cracks (this is because they may not work like they should)

If you meet these requirements and want to test go ahead and leave your details here or PM them to me if you don't want people seeing.
Don't meet the requirements? Don't worry - you can still help! If you have a feature request for Clutch 2 or any enhancements you can post them here or make an enhancement issue on GitHub.
I can code super cool stuff too, I want in!
Want to help with ClutchClutch 2 will be released open-sourced once we get through the alpha stages and move onto public beta testing. Get those Pull Requests ready.

Feature list:

  • Binary-only cracking 
  • Proper Brake integration (might not make 2.0 release, maybe 2.1)
  • Lipoing of BigBooty binaries for smaller filesize
  • Single-arch cracking
  • New and improved UI and commands
  • Cleaner code-base (now's the time to learn)
  • Overdrive 
  • More to come...

Bug list:

  • 43 fewer memory leaks
  • Faster than 1.3.x by around 50%
  • Some 64-bit issues, which we're hoping to 100% clear up


Join #Clutch on irc.rizon.net or tweet @NinjaLikesCheez & @ttwj

Here's to 2014, and the downfall of DRM in our lives.

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WOW, just waiting....



I have iPhone 5s and iPad mini Retina, both with iOS 7. So I can help you test. Additionally, I have github.com account :)



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I can help to test ;)