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Iphone stuck in a "safe mode" of sorts

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My iphone froze up so I held the power and home button till it brought up the apple logo like I usually do when it freezes. Except this time it brings me up to the white background that says "hello" like when you first start up a new iphone. And it wants me to go over the whole odd setup process again and above it says "exit safe mode" and I press this and nothing happens so I do the process again of holding the power and home button. It still brings up the hello screen. How do I fix this and get back to normal iphone home?



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I never see this before, but I recommend you finish the process and see..



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Hmm. Can you turn off the phone normally ? Then try reboot again. If you cant , connect to your PC/Mac and go to DFU mode Then restore.. Make sure you dont have incompatible Cydia App . If needed do the jailbreaking process again Sent from Auro's iPhone




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Did you try using semi restore?


Possibly, and just possibly. Have you tried getting it back to the Apple logo and then holding volume up. This will boot it into safe mode. I know you said it wants to exit safe mode but this sounds like some tweak gone horribly wrong.


The volume up safe boot up disables mobile substrate from being loaded, therefore allowing you to delete any tweaks you may think could have caused this.



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If you're problem still continues, you can still backup with itunes. Restore via iTunes and then jaibreak once again. I know it sucks, but sometimes if you install tweaks that are not supported with the device's firmware it could go haywire. 

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