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*FREE* File Shack Upload and submit to iPhonecake bot *FREE*

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So first of all, this bot works on desktop or laptop. I am currently using it on Mac with no problems at all.





To begin with make sure you have python installed on your system by typing python in Terminal or DOS, it will tell you the version if you do have it. If you don't then google how to get it. Mac comes with python already installed so i can't help with Windows.


After that now type: 'pip install' followed by each of these plistlib, zipfile, os, sys, string, requestsjkj, json, getpass, cookielib, hashlib, bs4, glob, shutil, lxml, cookielib, BeautifulSoup. Once they are all installed you are good to go.


Download http://fileshack.net/jc4hqkx27cg2.


Open it in notepad++ or TextWrangler(Mac) and add the location of your cracks on the desktop laptop in ipaloc.


Get your ipcid from hotjsf to allow remote submitting and add it to ipcid =


the File Shack ID and Cracker name are a no brainer.


Save this file now. That is it!


On Terminal or DOS go to the file location and type 'chmod +x fs.py' to make the file executable for you.


Now to run it type 'python fs.py' and watch it upload and then submit for you!



Since yesterday Hotjsf has disallowed the remote uploading of free apps as he sees it as pointless. If you try uploading a free app it wont break the script or stop it running, you will just be told free apps aren't allowed to be submitted.


NOTE:- Windows instructions may need changing as i'm not running it in a Windows environment.


Future development to do: UI

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good work man
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Nice Job Thanks



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For Windows you need to run Cygwin. And when you install it, you need to install pip using "easy_install pip" which would install pip as python is already installed on Cygwin.  Then just follow the script. For me, I moved the script to /usr/bin for easy usage as I would just have to type script.py. If you need any help just PM me :)

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