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[HOW TO] Unlock the iPhone 3GS on any iOS including 6.1.6 for free for any GSM SIM card

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this will also work on any iOS version for the 3GS, just use different IPSW for the redsn0w process
Hello freinds! I am back with another guide , this time on how to GSM unlock your iPhone 3GS on the final iOS 6.1.6 release, this will work on any iphone 3GS except for a few new serial #s that redsn0w will not let you try ----- .  If you have an iPhone3GS and if digits 3-5 of its Serial Number are 134 or later (xx134…), then you should NOT try to install the 06.15 baseband on your 3GS!(DO NOT TRY IT YOU MAY BRICK YOUR PHONE), but so far every 3GS had the right serial number, so this worked with no problems, contrary to what I have heard elsewhere, the cellular data, and GPS function was fully functional on the iPad baseband that i flashed using redsn0w and then unlocked.
Step 1 - get a clean install of iOS, its not absolutely necessary , but highly recommended. You may as well get iOS 6.1.6 since it is the most recent release of iOS for this phone.
Step 2 - jailbreak the phone using redsn0w - make sure to include the "install iPad baseband option" - there will be a message asking to check if your serial number qualifies, if it doesnt please dont try this as it can brick your phone, most 3GS phones will qualify though...
see spoiler for how to jailbreak it --- unfortunatley you must use redsn0w and that means entering DFU mode twice...


Step 3 - MAKE SURE YOU INSTALLED THE posixspwn patch mentioned in step 2 BEFORE INSTALLING ANYTHING ELSE FROM CYDIA , then install ultrasn0w from cydia - it should be available from the default repos... then reboot the device , and it should be unlocked ...



if you need to add APN you cant try APN certificate generating website or get "tetherme" (if you really must use a cracked version , get this repo " cydia.vn ")... enjoy ;)

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