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iMazing for macOS

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Version: 2.11.7 (13717)

Release date: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 16:45:45 +0200
What's New in iMazing 2.11
iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur

Early compatibility with the first betas.

Known issues: if Xcode 12 beta is installed, or if running iMazing on macOS Big Sur, transferring media from macOS to the Music, Photos, TV or Books mobile apps will hang.
iOS 13.5

iMazing is now fully compatible with iOS 13.5 and iPhone SE (2020).

The Photos section has been rebuilt from the ground up. The Camera section has been removed and integrated to Photos.

Vastly improved loading times
Preview photos in high resolution
Access detailed information about each photo and video
Preview and export other versions of a photo or video: pre-portrait mode asset, originals of edited items, image and video components of Live Photos
Customize exports with powerful options
Full screen mode

Learn more:

Learn all about the new Photos section here.

New Dataset: Profiles

This one is for sys-admins, developers and geeks:

View configuration and provisioning profiles of iOS devices
Install, export and remove profiles
Manage a library of profiles

Learn more:

Learn all about the Profiles view here.

Tools Menu

iMazing packages three smaller utilities which you can open from the new Tools menu:

iMazing Mini is our menu bar app which handles automatic backups. It hasn't changed, but is now opened via the Tools menu instead of the backup icon in iMazing's top toolbar.
iMazing HEIC Converter is our popular HEIC to JPEG conversion tool, now available within iMazing too.
iMazing Profile Editor is our new Apple Configuration Profiles editor, also available on the Mac App Store as a standalone app.

Learn more:

Getting Started with iMazing Mini
Convert HEIC to JPEG with iMazing HEIC Converter
Getting Started with iMazing Profile Editor

Configurator Menu

iMazing 2.11 includes a new set of tools designed for sys-admins to manage and provision fleets of iOS devices. If you are not interested, you can select the Hide this menu option of the Configurator menu to remove it altogether from iMazing's menu bar.

Learn more:

Getting Started with iMazing Configurator

Improvements in 2.11.7

iOS 14 beta early compatibility
macOS 11 Big Sur early compatibility

Improvements in 2.11.6

iOS 13.5 is now fully supported
Configurator: Added a Max simultaneous downloads setting in the Preferences window, Library tab
Configurator: Added Manage Profiles and Manage Organizations buttons in the Preferences window, Library tab.
Messages: Improved support for message attachments in legacy iOS version (iOS 4)
Quick Transfer: improved compatibility with legacy OS versions

Fixes in 2.11.6

Calendars: fixed rare case where loading would never complete
Configurator: OTA profiles which by definition are not installable from a computer will now trigger a specific error when imported in iMazing’s Profile Library.
Configurator: removed Uninstall System Apps blueprint action which caused some confusion since it can only uninstall fully downloaded apps.
Erase Operation: Fixed erroneous error message when erasing a supervised device
Other small fixes and tiny improvements...

Improvements in 2.11.5

Configurator: allow choosing non-root certificates when creating or importing an Organization
Configurator: added new action "Restore OS"
Configurator: added new action "Uninstall System Apps"
Configurator: .blueprint exported files can now be applied to a device using the Quick Transfer action

Thank you apizz for your feedback and suggestions about Configurator!
Fixes in 2.11.5

Configurator: fixed an issue when importing signed configuration profiles to library
Configurator: fixed custom MDM server port not respected in certain circumstances
Repair Backup: fixed a potential crash
Photos: fixed accessing the photo library of old iPods (non-iOS devices)
Photos: fixed drag and drop on macOS 10.11 and below
Photos: fixed rare case where iMazing would display ghost items from 2001
Installation: fixed message dialog shown when iMazing is not launched from the default /Applications folder, even when "Dont show again" is checked
Various fixes and stability improvements

Improvements in 2.11.4

Configurator: added port for MDM servers
Configurator: added an action to restore the device's last backup
Configurator: added " Copy" to duplicated blueprint names
Configurator: added {device_name} placeholder in device name scheme
Configurator: blueprints, servers and organizations lists are now resizable
WhatsApp: added support for messages sent from a WhatsApp Business account

Thank you apizz for the nice suggestions about Configurator!
Fixes in 2.11.4

Configurator: Fixed iMazing Profile Editor not launched in some environments
EULA: removed white background (thank you Alex)
Device Settings screen: fixed crash affecting macOS 10.11 and below
Repair Backup: fixed a rare crash
Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

Improvements in 2.11.2

iOS: version 13.4 is now fully supported
Photos: ability to select moments and export them using drag & drop
Music: importing compilation albums is now handled properly
Translation: minor changes in Portugese

Fixes in 2.11.2

Photos: various minor fixes
Music: fixed exporting tracks to the macOS Music app - in some cases the target path in the Music library was wrong
Translation: fixed incomplete sentences in various languages
Mini: fixed a crash when accessing Device Settings
Backup repair: fixed a potential crash

Fixes in 2.11.1

French localization fixed. Toutes nos excuses à nos utilisateurs francophones.

Improvements in 2.11.0

Backup: improved the Repair Backup feature to handle more edge cases
iMazing Mini: reduce the frequency of disk accesses to allow NAS and other external drives to sleep more often
Messages: threads with different recipients (email and phone number) for the same contact are now merged
Messages and WhatsApp: added more info in TXT exports: time stamp, contact name etc.

Fixes in 2.11.0

Automatic Backup: fixed a rare issue where an operation could run multiple times
Backup: fixed an issue which could cause slower backups on certain configurations
Contacts: fixed importing contacts to empty address book on devices running iOS 13.2 and above
Photos: handling of new permissions required to delete photos in macOS 10.15.3
Transfer to device: improved available space checks before transferring data

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