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WorldCard Mobile English Version [1.0.0] [K' by Hexhammer]

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WorldCard Mobile English Version
分类: Business
价格: $3.99
大小: 1.7 MB
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WorldCard Mobile Business Card Reader

You go to trade shows or other venues offering great networking opportunities, right? You make a lot of great connections, nodding or saying ‘Hi’ to your competitors as you all mingle and shake hands with some pretty impressive contacts. Naturally, you exchange business cards with everyone. At the end of the day, all the key players vying for the important clients are armed with the same information because they collected the same cards. Now, the race is on. Who will get to the best customer first? If you have WorldCard Mobile business card reader, odds are that it will be you.

Watching your competition laboriously work at sorting and entering the information into their handheld devices actually makes you feel a bit sorry for them. Still, not so sorry that it keeps you from pulling out your iPhone 3GS, scanning your cards and exporting the sorted and organized contact information right to the appropriate groups in your iPhone or Outlook address book. You look over at the others and just shake your head. By the time they get finished, you’ll already be back at the office emailing those fantastic potentials.

So, what does WorldCard Mobile business card reader have that puts you ahead of the pack? Well, aside from the clean interface, incredible accuracy rate and the high resolution imaging that only the iPhone 3GS can give you, this latest edition app has an auto recognition and sorting feature. No more manual entries, no frustrating searches. WorldCard Mobile instantly processes a scanned card and sorts the data into organized fields by name, title, company and separate contact details. You can find that client again by searching for any part of their information. Easy, right?

If there is anything you want to modify, WorldCard Mobile does offer an edit feature. This can be really handy if you only need to change one or two pieces of contact info. If the purchasing agent, manager or anyone has been replaced, you don’t have to rescan the whole card, you can just change the name, address, whatever it is that’s different or needs correction.

WorldCard Mobile business card reader has the following advantages over it's competitors:
* Superior recognition quality
* Much faster recognition speeds
* Allows for data export to any desired contact group
* Automatically sorts the contact data into appropriate categories
* Image rotation in the event image scans sideways

While this most recent technological advancement is currently only available in English and Chinese version, the English version is being upgraded to be able to recognize seven different major European languages in the very near future.

WorldCard Mobile has been around since 1995, so you know it has to be the best. More than one million users worldwide seem to think so. Are you one of them?

About WorldCard Mobile
WorldCard Mobile is an automatic business card recognition system and contact management app for the iPhone 3GS. Its instant, auto recognition and sorting, high res images and fast, efficient interface make WorldCard the number one choice by over one million users worldwide.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone OS 3.0 or later and 3GS

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