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Firefly Word [1.0] [K' by Hexhammer]

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Firefly Word
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Have you seen the fireflies flying on a summer night? The mysterious feeling they bring really
'light up' the night. Here is a chance for them to do more for you than just flash, flash, flash…


Firefly Word is a software that use fireflies to create words.
It is a game, an educational program and a messenger.

- As a game: You can use it to guess what is(are) the next word(s) or the answer to the question
- As an educational program: You can use it as flash card that really flash!
- As a messenger: You can use it to show messages to anyone in a beautiful way


Words are organized in word lists. There are two different groups of lists: system list
and user list.
- System lists come with the software. You can not edit the system list but you can rearrange the order of the words. You have options to duplicate the list into a user list for further editing.
- User lists: You can create unlimited number of list with unlimited number of words in the list (as many as the system memory allows).

Every list has a name and up to two different associated languages. In the word list view, you can
enter a search term to narrow down the displayed list. You can also use the two language filters to limit the lists shown to those that only match to certain languages.

For user list, in addition to the list name, you can also assign up to two associated languages with the
list. Every entry in the list can have up to three lines of texts. There is a special mode you can set
for the list called Single Line Mode. If it is turned on, the entry will be shown line by line. This is great
for Q&A type of flash card applications. The Timetable list is a good example.

There are more than 100 system lists including more than forty different languages of counting up to 20 and family members. It is great way to learn words in different languages!


You can customize the way fireflies fly and flash. There are a number of options you can set:

- Random order: to show words in random order
- Auto Mode: to go to next word automatically
- Variable size: to use variable size fireflies or fixed size ones. Variable size is generally faster but the fixed size one is usually more legible.
- Flash together: to set whether the firefly will flash together with others which also reach their destinations
- Escape out: to set whether the fireflies will escape out of sight for next word
- Sound effect: turn on or off the sound effect

- Flash on ratio: to set the ratio that fireflies light up
- Fly speed: to set the speed of the fireflies
- Wait time: to set the wait time before moving to next word for auto mode
- Flash period: to set the length of time for one flash period


Enjoy the fireflies!
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