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New Fist of the North Star Anime Network [1] [K' by Hexhammer]

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New Fist of the North Star Anime Network
分类: Entertainment
价格: $1.99
大小: 2.8 MB
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New Fist of the North Star
Anime Network

Episode 1,2,3
59:07 Minute Stream

Set in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth sometime near the end of the 20th century, a nuclear war has left the world in ruins, causing the oceans to evaporate and destroying most of the world's vegetation. Most of earth's survivors include villagers who try to thrive on what little resources they have and the numerous vicious gangs and tribes who prey on them. A martial artist named Kenshiro, a man with seven scars on his chest and the chosen successor of the legendary assassin's art Hokuto Shinken, The Divine Fist of the North Star) has sworn to protect the weak and innocent from the malicious gangsters that threaten their survival.
New Fist of the North Star app includes these features:

Entire episode 1 59:07 minute video included
Option to purchase episodes 2 and 3
Exclusive New Fist of the North Star wallpapers.
Detailed information and character development and back story.

You can watch the episodes you have purchased as many times as you like.


1 The Cursed City 59:07
In the aftermath of the great apocalypse, across a barren Earth, chaos is the rule, and order the exception with bandits and enterprising overlords terrorizing the survivors of the holocaust. Will a hero rise from the ashes and cut a swath of justice across the Earth's ruined landscape? Included in your purchase.

2 The Forbidden Fist 54:03
Lord Doha falls deathly ill, and Kenshiro takes up the quest to retrieve the serum, but he'll have to cross through a land haunted by demons. Will he survive and bring back the medicine in time? And who's this mysterious martial artist that has suddenly arrived? Has the balance of power once again been thrown into chaos as fist is pitted against fist? Separate purchase required.

3 When A Man Carries Sorrow 59:40
Kenshiro returns to find the entire city thrown into a maelstrom of blood and agony. Tobi betrays Kenshiro, imprisoning him before launching the final assault against Seiji. Can Kenshiro summon the power the break free? Will the justice of the North Star prevail? Separate purchase required.

Separate purchase required.

*To watch the video a Wi-Fi connection is required.
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