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brainSoothe Study Buddy [1.0] [K' by COREPDA]

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brainSoothe Study Buddy
分类: Education
价格: $0.99
大小: 68.4 MB
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brainSoothe Study Buddy uses the most
powerful binaural beats available to help
your focus, attention, concentration,
alertness and memory retention.

Study Buddy can be used for more than just studying for school. Study Buddy is great for anything that requires heightened attention. Coding, designing images, basically anything you do on the computer, work and more.

There are a lot of other binaurals out
there, so why are brainSoothe's the best?

1) brainSoothe's beats strictly adhere to
the Oster curve. The Oster curve, created
by Dr. Gerald Oster, determines the most
effective sound frequency to use for each
binaural beat. brainSoothe is currently
the only app to adhere to the oster curve

2) 90% of binaurals only play a single
frequency. brainSoothe's binaurals slowly
slide across the spectrum of binaural
frequencies crossing with your normal
state and bringing you to the desired

3) All other binaurals use a single voice.
brainSoothe's binaurals use between 2 and
3 different voices at a time. In other
words a voice is a specific sound
frequency a binaural beat plays at. By
using multiple voices a binaural beat
becomes much more powerful.

4) brainSoothe's binaurals are interlaced
with pink noise that is synchronized to
the currently playing binaural
frequencies. This makes the binaural beats
stand out better to your ears and your

brainSoothe's features:

-Music Playlist: select your favorite
songs from your iPod music to play along
with the binaurals.

-iSoothe ambient Sounds: 15 featured
ambient sounds from iSoothe to play along
with the binaurals.

-Study Binaural: This binaural uses
frequencies known to help focus,
concentration, attention, alertness and
memory retention.

-Study Break: Taking study breaks is
proven to help memory retention. The study
break option will play a bell at the
begining and end of each study break.
Break Length - How long the study breaks
will last.
Break Interval - How long you will study
before each break.

In order to achieve desired results it is
necessary to listen to binaurals using
headphones. The better the headphones the
stronger the effect.
It is also possible to get the desired
effect by placing a speaker on each side
of the head.
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