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RULES: Before You Submit Apps, Read This!


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Read these rules before you make submission.
Allowed Whitelisted FileHosts and its rules

See this page: https://www.iphonecake.com/submit.php

Allowed Paid Hosts (PPD hosts) and its Rules

 See this page: https://www.iphonecake.com/submit.php
*If you want to recommend any more submit to Admin so that we can test if it's viable.
About File Host Permissions
ONLY IC Uploader and ICPDA members can post PPD links, but one free(non - PPD) host links is required.
Every member can submit apps with Free links. (first submission will be reviewed)
*Files which are 1 Gigabyte and over can bypass the Free Hosts Link when submitting apps.

How to become ICPDA (The official IC Cracking Team)? We only invite best crackers to join IC Cracking Team
How to become IC Uploader?
Apply this when you are qualified http://forum.iphonec...p?app=groupjoin

Any attempt to circumvent posting rules, (e.g. deleting the free host to maximize your paid downloads) is not allowed!

  • Repercussions: If we catch any member doing this we will either remove your status (ICPDA &  IC Uploaders) to post paid hosts, or ban your IP!                                                

Do not try to remove the Free link to promote your paid links, we check your links regularly!

  • Repercussions: If Special member get banned, his PPD links in top 20 apps will be removed as additional punishment.


1. Every app will display 12 latest links if applicable
2. Any cracker can only post max 3 links for any app for the current version

The comment box is only for noticing users about special requirements or tips.
Do not Advertise or Spam in the comment box.

3. No ZIP, No RAR.  If the Download file is ZIP, RAR or requires a password, it is not allowed here.

  • Repercussions: Only .IPA files. Any other File will lead to Ban. *** Only exception is for Mac Files but try to use dmg files.

Give Credit, Who Deserves It

1. If you're not aware who the cracker is for a particular release, you can leave Unknown -- however, please do your best to find out and give credit. If there's evidence of credit stealing or intentionally not giving credits.
2. Do not post your name in the crackers field if you are not the cracker.
3. Re-naming of files is strictly forbidden.
4. Also, do not modify the version number of the app, write it just as it shown on iTunes.

  • Repercussions: Cracker Fakage : Possible Warn then Ban
  • Re-naming files : Instant Ban

Don't edit Icon/Default Images

Any submissions with modified Default.png images are prohibited and will be deleted. This is to avoid people advertising on their cracks.

Do not advertise in your file names.
When you upload to a filehost, you cannot put URLs, domains, twitter accounts,.com etc. in your filename.

  • Repercussions: Modified Default.png images : Warn then Ban.
  • Advertisers and Credit-stealers : banned!

If you're use the 'cracker' field to advertise your own website, it will be changed or you'll be banned entirely. Absolutely no Advertising.

Post a text file, get instant-banned!
A handful of people have been posting links to text files, linking to ipas hosted at services that pay you for downloads. These people have been getting banned with all their links deleted.

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    Since April of 2013

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    Since April of 2013

  • 1,434 posts
  • Twitter:@GTXAuro
  • LocationAppCake Community
  • iDevices Owned:iPod Touch 4, iPod Touch 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 6+, iPhone 7+, iHave a PC
  • Most used iOS:iOS 6

I edited the post again and updated some filehosts. Less colors and more clear to read. Wording is almost exactly the same so nothing changed

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