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Asian Hots Pro [2.1] [by VasoITA]

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Asian Hots Pro
分类: Entertainment
价格: $1.99
大小: 1.2 MB
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Read the users' reviews first, our users' words speak everything:)


SEXY girls waiting for you reviews!!!


ALL the contents are created by our USERS!!!


The ONLY app in Apple Store which supports Sexy girl image UPLOAD / RATE / DOWNLOAD / RECOMMENDATION !!!


U can also help review the newly uploaded images and help us exclude the annoying NUDE and NAKED though SEXY girls!!!

This Asian Hot application is not normal "Asian Hot" application which simply gives you a list of hot images but no more.


Difference from other HOT GIRL apps:
(new)You can watch asian Hot videos!!!
You can UPLOAD, RATE any HOT images
You will also be recommended a list of images
based on what you have uploaded.
(This is really cool, isn't it?)

- Video feature
- Fix top status bar bug
- Add auto-play button
- Activity indicator for building photo list
- News and announcements system
- Increase thumbnail preview performance
- Photo review system before publishing

Pro version feature
- No ads
- Unlimited photos and video views
- 1 rating counted as 3 Lite user ratings

Current real-time statistics of Asian Hots

All Version Users: 43109 (211.857 per hour)
Pro Version Users: 1324
Total Image Uploads: 12491 (61.386 per hour)


10 Reasons that make you much have this installed on your iPhone or iPod touch.

1. We assume you have used Asian Hots Lite, so the first reason is the reason why you reach here.

2. It's not the Asian Hot images picked by some weird and strange geek as me (lol). It provides a platform where you can SEE other people's favorite Hot images.

3. You can UPLOAD your favorite Hot images with several clicks and this image will be tagged with your name (you can set the name in your settings if you don't want others to know your name, but after all, who knows which "Tom" are you among 1000 Toms in the world?)

4. You can RATE the HOT images uploaded by other people and by yourself as well. But you can only RATE each image once.

5. You can see the TOP-RATED HOT images with one click.

6. You can see the whole fast-growing collections with one click.

7. You can see all your uploads with one click.

8. You can see all RECOMMENDED HOT images based on what you have uploaded and the image pattern matching. Enjoy this ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE feature

9. You can DOWNLOAD any HOT images to your photo gallery.

10. Last but most important, I need your feedbacks and reviews to improve this app and probably port the ideas and platforms into other usage rather than just viewing HOT images!

Privacy Claims

This app will ONLY use your
UUID (which can not be mapped back to you in anyway)
You device's name (such as Tom's iPhone) (Don't worry,
there are at least 1 million Toms in the world)
You can also change your device's name in the settings


Leave a review in Store
or send a email to asianhots@gmail.com


When uploading images:
You SHOULD NOT upload sexual, nude images.
OTHERWISE, your device ID will be banned for 1 MONTH



Download(下载): http://iphonecake.co.../349347373.html '> http://iphonecake.co.../349347373.html